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is a necessary accessory
In the new world, the mask is a necessary item, but who says it can't also make a statement like the rest of your fashion accessories?
The functional Facecessary for Fashion Aficionados…
My idea for this product was born in 2014. Whilst temporarily living in one of the world's most polluted cities, we often had to dress our faces in industrial masks on the days of high air pollution, as did most of the locals. As an International Fashion Designer, I dreamt of creating a mask that would be friendly to my face and empower me with an additional element of style that would complete my total look and give me my own individual fashion vibe. I soon came to the realisation that what I was actually dreaming of was not just a "mask", but a "Facecessary"…a necessary accessory for your face! When we returned to Australia in 2015, I started the long journey to turn my dream product into a reality, with mock-ups, prototyping, input from Industrial Designers and countless experimental designs to ensure functionality and breathability. The Facecessary is the realisation of my dream, a little piece of art that has been made by hand with love right here in Australia.

Angela Lysytsya Brennan,
FASHNZOO Founder & Designer
The Facecessary is an upmarket, high-end product which incorporates a unique inner cup design to pair the best of functionality (protection, comfort, breathability, speech clarity) together with form and fashion that allows the wearer to compliment their look and fashion style in a way that turns heads and uplifts the spirit of individuality, chic and coolness. The designs are being released in runs of Limited Editions, so our customers can look forward to new and exciting releases ahead that will ensure a range of choices to compliment and offer variety in their fashion decisions. For more details on the Facecessary range go to Products
FASHNZOO will continue to release new Facecessary Limited Edition designs, as well as other new and exciting fashion-based products already in development.
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